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Established in 2002 we have been cleaning carpets in Edinburgh for over 8 years!
professional staff
All of our staff have passed the rigorous Dry Fusion course and have spent at least one month training on the job with an experienced member of the carpet cleaning team.
Had an accident? Need a carpet cleaned in a hurry?
Use our emergency contact form and a member of staff will call you back in seconds!
We specialise in carpet cleaning in and around Edinburgh and have been doing this job for over ten years now. From a blood stain to a heavy traffic area in an office we know the best way to get carpet clean quickly and with the minimum of discruption. Because we use Dry Fusion your carpets will be completely dry and ready to walk on in 30 miutes
Spot Cleaning
If you only have a small mark that needs cleaning, or have a small stain then our spot cleaning service may be right for you.
We use a product called "Unbelievable" which will clean around 70% of common stains and spills. For the other 30% of stains we have a wide variety of treaments we can use to help you banish those unsightly stains.
Carpet Stains can be broken down into 3 different types - Solvent Soluable, Tannin Stains and Protein Stains. To give us the best chance possible of removing a stain we ask that you contact us as soon as possible after the spill has occurred. There are many factors that affect how clean a carpet stain can be made such as previous treatments, stain guarding and fibre type but the most important factor is time! Call us today and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.
"Unbelievable" Probably the best stain remover ever.
"Unbelievable" is not only Woolsafe approved but it's pH neutral formula is safe to use on every type of fibre and will not discolour your carpet.
Using a blend of gentle fluoro carbon ingredients and solvents, Unbelievable gently solubilises oily spots as well as hard to shift lipstick, printer toner and even some inks. A protective stain blocker prevents these from returning making Unbelieveable the spot cleaner of choice for professionals, office, hospitals and hotels.
For a free no obligation quote call us on 07598 973 170 or click the link below to fill in our contact form.
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