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Dryfusion - The new way to clean carpets.
Dry Fusion - The future of Carpet Cleaning
All the way from Australia, Dryfusion carpet cleaning means -
  • No wasted water
  • No dangerous chemicals
  • Less Electicity Used
  • Biodegradeable Residue
  • Carpets dry in 30 minutes!
In 1998 an Austrlian company decided to study the way carpets were cleaned. They found that all carpet cleaning solutions involved saturating carpets with gallons of water, filled with toxic chemicals and then simply sucking the water, chemicals and dirt back off the carpet. The waste of water and electricity got them thinking that there must be a better way.

Their first discovery was that with the correct cleaning agents, you didn't have to use gallons of water to clean a carpet. Through months of trials and investigation they managed to develop a fully biodegradeable agent that not only removed all dirt from carpets, but produced no waste that was harmful to the environment. This coupled with the tiny amount of water used to clean the carpet meant they were finally ready and Dryfusion hit the market.
  • Biodegradeable Cleaning Agents
  • One tenth of the water usually used
  • Less electricity used than all other carpet cleaning systems
  • Carpets dry in 30 minutes
Satisfaction garanteed.
Clean every time
All our customers have been completely happy with our cleaning service, it is not a simple wet carpet cleaning, it is an eco-friendly, dry carpet cleaning service that deep cleans and protects your carpets - that's our satisfaction garantee.
  • Better for Today
  • Better for Tomorrow
  • Better Forever
Every time you use Dryfusion to clean your carpets you help the environment by using less power and water, and don't create the need for production and disposal of harmful chemicals.
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